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We qualify, screen and engage with top performers.

Search and outreach is our primary method of delivery we fill at least 80% of our roles using this method. After taking a detailed brief of our client’s requirements we work hard to identify and engage with suitably qualified candidates to build a short-list of unique candidates, who are able to understand your market and customer type. 


Our aim is to qualify, screen and engage with top performers and to enlist them into our client’s selection process. Our objective is always to ensure that our client has a wider set of options than just those active job seekers in their market.

Find better sales engineers using search.
Why job ads don't work and what to do instead.

Advertising can and does work for sales roles, however in many cases a top performer won’t read an advertisement let alone apply to one. It is the exception rather than the norm when they do.

The reason for this is that the top performing salespeople are usually happy, well treated and are not active job seekers. They have a job, so they are not looking for a new one.

Occasionally an advertisement works but generally the quality and volume of applicants is not impressive because the best people have little or no reason to engage in the process.

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